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Why You Should Start Your Child In Music Lessons

Have you been interested in starting your child in piano lessons? At Boost School of Music, we believe that learning to play and understand music will provide so many life lessons for your child. The brain of a child is so adaptable, and it has been proven that they can pick up music much faster than an adult starting out! Let's take a look at some areas music can help:


Music can improve cognitive development

Music is important for the development of many aspects of a child's cognitive development. It can actually help them learn to read earlier! By undertaking music training, your child will learn to identify different sounds that make up words, leading to a better understanding when reading. It can also help improve their memory! Your child will be constantly learning and memorizing new keys and cords that make up the music they play, which will keep their brain working. Additionally, it can help with language, reasoning, and critical thinking skills! By learning piano, your child will be continuously stimulating the left side of your brain that deals with these areas which will help grow these skills and keep them sharp.


Music can teach discipline and organizational skills

Learning music, especially an instrument such as the piano, can teach your child discipline and help them stay motivated. When learning a new song the student must stay focused and set aside time for training and practice which helps show the value of dedicated work. They also learn to become organized with their time and thoughts in order to progress their musical skills. Studies have even shown that students who learn music, score better in other areas of school!


Music improves self-esteem and overall confidence

When a child is engaged in the learning process, it gives them the motivation to keep going. The beauty of playing music comes from within and when your child puts their heart into mastering an instrument or singing, they will feel a great sense of accomplishment! Learning to play a new instrument or a difficult song is no easy task. When your child finally conquers the challenge they will be proud of themselves and excited to show off their new skill to friends and family. Additionally, if they end up playing in a band or orchestra, they will learn the value of teamwork and feel a sense of accomplishment of achieving a combined goal with others!


Music stimulates creativity and imagination

Music is all about using your creativity and imagination. When a child learns music, they will understand the world better by learning how to express themselves through sound and rhythm. They'll also learn more about tempo, beats and dynamics, which makes them think creatively in other aspects of life as well! When children start learning music at a young age they also learn to curate a positive attitude towards learning overall. They learn that they can think creatively and make beautiful music themselves.

It's never too late to start! Even if your child is not currently taking music lessons, you can always enroll them in the future. The earlier they begin playing an instrument or singing, the better they'll do later on because their learning curve will be steeper. So don't wait until it's too late, sign your child up for piano lessons today!

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