Piano Lessons for Advanced Students of Any Age

How to Advance Your Piano Skills

Many people have hobbies that they enjoy. Playing the piano is one of those activities that many people love to do in their spare time. However, some may find it difficult to advance past a certain level. We will provide you with helpful tips and lessons on how to advance your piano skills so that you can reach new levels of enjoyment!

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Advanced or technical as you need

Our lessons can be as advanced or technical as you need them to be. Our instructor has years of experience teaching students how to play the piano, and we want everyone who wants a lesson with us to receive one in an effective way.

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Training programs to meet your skill

We have many different programs available for both children and adults alike. Whether you are intermediate or an advanced player, we will tailor our curriculum and materials to you and your skill level.

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Kansas Music Progression Curriculum

If you want to advance your piano skills, then we suggest that you work with us. We follow the Kansas Music Progression Curriculum which was designed for all skill levels. The music progression is a non-competitive program that consists of ten progressive levels. We have the resources needed to train and prepare you based on the curriculum.

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Virtual and in person lessons

We provide a wide range of possibilities when it comes to piano lessons - from in-person and virtual sessions to lessons that last from 30 to 60 minutes. We offer in person lessons to those of you in the Wichita area, or virtual lessons wherever you are! We are here to suit your needs.

There are many ways to continually advance your piano skills. Our instructor Joy has more than a decade of experience and is committed to meeting the needs of our students. Are you ready to advance your piano skills and learn from an award winning instructor? Contact us today to get started!